Friday, July 30, 2010

hubris vs hubris--i'm betting on Verses.

in the course of rambling, gambling, doing what i think i should...which evver so often has nothing at alll to do with what other people think, i encounter calculi--little stones, some of which are pretty, some of which stick in my feet, all of which are made of dust.
here's one, with a little polishing--which is a courteous word for grinding..

:"We wouldn’t have science without theology, and we won’t continue to have the benefits of science long without it।"

The abracadabra here is the cojoining of a true statement with a wish list, on the premise that the associational magick will make the wish come true.

There's nothing wrong with this construct. Practitionerss of Vodun and Santeria do it all the time.

:"It’s interesting that in every film in which all of human society collapses, it’s never because society forgot science. It’s always because of we used science to destroy ourselves."

Granted, movies are reality. if it were not so, FaceBook would have told us...There's no reason to interject Pol Pot, Hitler, the genocide of the first nations of North America into the discussion when Hollywood has the answers. One can read John Stoddard on the subject of dogs, or one can know that whenever some "scientist's" ego combines with dollars from the ideologically (that is to say, "world view") pure, then most likely giant ants will invade Chicago, or robots from the future will make life unpleasant for the cool people who just want to be told what to do and have it get them into situations where they can breed.

Yet, strangely enough, :"Humans do not merely appreciate what science has done for them, they also fear what science can do to them. And rightly so. Science can neither guarantee its own progress nor its positive use."
a casual reader might be led to overlook the :"And rightly so" offered, overlooking the critical element that in Hollywood post-Apocalypsism it is the hubris of ideologic assumption---which is the very essence of Theology---that causes doom.

For examples of such, one might note, :"Whether he knows it or not, what Sanderson actually values is the world view and not the science, since science has no inherent value."

Those who caught the ride on the clue bus note that nothing has "inherent value." Value is always assigned.

Those who "understand" that Hollywood is reality also understand statements like, "Salvation is a 144 zillion dollar value, but it's yours free if you act now. (10% of lifetime earnings for shipping and handling will be billed later.) Operators are standing by, confess now."

:"There are still civilizations of millions of people who have existed for thousands of years and they’re still busy worshiping the Sun, thinking that thunder is the anger of a god or gods, and they dance to get it to rain. " Other than the literally fabulous lack of documentation for that claim, the objective observer will note that it does in fact rain, so something is working. he will also note that Job's lesson in Theology was "get over it, you'll get hit by the lightning whenever it pleases Theos"--which is substantively the same as being "scienceless".

:"if his world view of Chaos and Old Night had had its way, science would have never existed. Without Christian theology in which it grew, there’s a fairly good chance he’d view of nature as the ancients did." and yet oddly enough Heraclitus, who has a really good excuse for not accepting Jesus, was accurate enough about the necessity of a scientific world view that the Holy Ghost Chose to quote him in john 1:2...

to do the associative pairing correctly (Newton on logic is recommended to budding exegesists) :"economic strength is dependent upon personal responsibility and trust of one’s neighbor. "--the perfectly true statement understood by the average water buffalo--is associated with "Christian theology"-- a pairing the average water buffalo knows to be false.