Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Are molars for chewing stones?

an associate sent me an interesting line of inquiry to be chewed upon whil searching for the Body of Christ.
it appears that some time ago, somebody ordered the deaths of thousands of trees to stimulate the economy of pilpul, by writing a book "proving" the resurrection.
it appears that this person committed the sin of not agreeing with albert mohler's vision for world conquest, and mohler was understandably non-plussed.
citing salient parts of mohler's response to the non-event of somebody thinking they, not Christ, can proive the resurrection, here are a few crumbs that fell from my paws.

:"that the Bible is “free from all falsehood or mistake” — is an essential safeguard for the Bible’s authority as the very Word of God in written form."
spot on.
:"Those who profess faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior are called to show the reality of their discipleship by humbly and faithfully obeying God’s written Word."
by >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>whom???????????<<<<<<<
back to authority >>>over<<.
:"The 700-page volume is nothing less than a masterful defense of the historicity of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."
does it contain even >>>>one<<< independent eyewitness?
does it contain one statement from someone not a "co-conspirator"??
did he find the restaurant tab for the honey and fishes?
then there is no "historographic" anything.

since i firmly, totally "believe in the resurrection" and have spent much time travelling to and fro, up and down looking for the Body of Christ i'm puzzled.
so is occam, and his progenitor, iorek byrneson.

:"has argued that a historical fact is “something that happened and that historians attempt to ‘discover’ through verification procedures.” "
"since we believe it must be true".... hmmmm

events are their own verification.
that is, if a tree falls in the forest w/o moeler's permission, does it go to hell?
the tree remains indifferent, but now insects get new homes.

mohler notes, settin g up his trantrum that " Crossan operates out of a naturalistic worldview that precludes belief in anything supernatural, such as the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead."
:"In taking on Crossan [lincona demonstrates ] first of all, that Crossan operates out of a worldview that simply denies that a resurrection can happen."
given that he is agreeing with crossan over what crossan said, where is the "taking on?"
when did "you said what you said" become a contrary or meaningful statement when the "accused" does not deny what he said?

The center of the problem for mohler appears to be whether mat 27:51-4 is a "newspaper account" or a " truth". and yet, the romans nor the Jews, nor the random samaritan have any records of those events.
nor does archeology provide any evidence of such a happening.

:"First of all, if we ever accept the fact that we are to explain what anyone in the Bible was doing when the Bible does not tell us, we enter into a trap of interpretive catastrophe."
indeed. and???

the only "way out" of that one is to note that actors in a play who are not reciting their lines are offstage.
that, by itself, blows mohler's standard for "inerracy" to "Thy Will be done."

:"In his treatment of this passage, Licona has handed the enemies of the resurrection of Jesus Christ a powerful weapon "
in my random samplings to and fro amongst " believers in the resurrection" i seem to be the only one who ever asks "is Christ here now?" and answers "yes" without equivocation.
which makes me an enemy of the resurrection.

:"Norman Geisler addressed two open letters to Michael Licona, charging him with violating the inerrancy of Scripture in making his argument about Matthew 27:52-53."
is anybody with a german last name the pope?
somebody is... but i don't recall ratzinger starting with a "g." but then, i am a simple beast of the fields, and as such miss ever so much.

:"As one evangelical scholar retorted: “For Gundry, then, the nonexistent house was where the nonpersons called Magi found Jesus on the occasion of their nonvisit to Bethlehem."
well...yes. what's your point?

lincona states:" I always regarded the entirety of Matthew 27 as historical narrative containing apocalyptic allusions.”
and mohler asks, "But what can this really mean?"
most likely it means that lincona regards "the entirety of Matthew 27 as historical narrative containing apocalyptic allusions."
lincona may be operating under the understand that Christ is the Judge, and not mohler, so he may be forgiven.
or not.
:"What could one possibly find in the Greco-Roman literature that would either validate or invalidate the status of this report as historical fact?"
independent verification?
objective witness?
an explanation for how the phreaking romans were running jerusalem?
explanations for how "egypt" was outside herod's control?
:"That is what makes The Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy so indispensable and this controversy over Licona’s book so urgent."
to whom???
when did Jesus prophesy chicago?
where in Revelations does Christ assert "Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy"????
perhaps in matthew 10:17.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

the Hand of the Body of Christ

In another exercise of hunting the Body of Christ yet another rule of hunting emerged:
in the midst of a conversation about authenticity and the signifiers of dates and times, this weekend when so many will be disappointed, and so many rejoice,
3 men discussed a stranger. They of course claimed to know the stranger. i did not, do not, and from what was offered as signifiers of her, could never.
There was no conflict at 4 corners of table that True goals involve something like increasing the number of voices singing their joy at being brought to the Table of the Lord.
(Opinions might vary as to the shape the Table, the Table cloth, and the Feast--but, is there any Tale but the Lord's Table??)
The 3 thought it highly appropriate to speak about the stanger not in their midst--and how to further implicate that stranger into their understanding of the nature of the Table--never mind that the Table Self-Declares, is by Its Essence beyond the limitations of understanding of the rotting meat. Assured of "something" they could insist that their understanding of the Table is the Table.
It being mentioned that "community" involves a sharing of walls and therein the safety to engage, initiate, explore--be a human soul--the 4 points collapsed to 2... +/-.
Us, and "other."
"We are trying to have a private conversation."
to which my answer, simple beast of the field, was "if there is One God, there is only One conversation."
So.. to the shape of the Body of Christ, some data about the hand: flat for slapping away, not so rounded for cupping and greeting.
'Cause some believers are more equal than others..
And the Bible has many Verses and some of them are shorter than others....

Sunday, April 17, 2011

does any of this sound familiar??
"1. you shall not do [it], but worship the [Lord].
2' Judge the sla[ve] and the wid[ow] / Judge the orph[an]
3' [and] the stranger. [Pl]ead for the infant / plead for the po[or and]
4' the widow. Rehabilitate [the poor] at the hands of the king.
5' Protect the po[or and] the slave / [supp]ort the stranger..."

hmmm... according to Professor Gershon Galil of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa it's an an inscription on a pottery shard discovered in the Elah valley dating from the 10th century BCE (the period of King David's reign), and is, by the speciation of verbs, a Hebrew inscription. The discovery makes this the earliest known Hebrew writing.

in other words, by the time of David, it was already patently clear that the Divine's levitical chewing out of tea partiers and such was already established over a broad area.

to my simple beast of the field eye, the sherd looks a lot like part of an hand axe, the beginnings of the perception of the Subtle Knife that has been the #1 tool of human techno advancement when measured over a say, 100, or 300k year period.
because? what is justice?? giving each its portion.

in my continuing search for the body of Christ, this will make a handy additional tool.

btw, thus far the only reason i can come up with for the lack of outrage..talked about in the last post, was that the guy selling babies was a guy, and well. ya..know...
it's not like some woman making a decision.

and that too will be a marker point for mapping the body of Christ.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

where's the outrage...????

a few weeks ago, in a neiborhood close to here, somebody was asking why people had the limbic response to a serial killer/dope dealer that somebody wanted them to have.
in a co0ntinuing series of mappings of the body of Christ, i'm going to be waiting to see
signs of outrage about this story:
and be asking "Christian" philosophers what they would do to change the odds on such events happening...

Friday, April 8, 2011

love is a deed "because" Sophie's Choice is to Bring a Knife.

a day or 2 ago, south of the missouri, west of the mississippi, in a place where tectonic stability is a matter of functional discussion, and not a theoretic, because >>choices<< are being made, $$$ moving, carbon and hydrogen dancing by proxy, i had a meeting w/ a social worker. what is a "social worker"??
for purposes involving another site, and this, a social worker is someone who interfaces between human beings and those rights that sociologists and politicians assign to persons.
it needs noted again that "person" is a legal term," human being" a philosophical one, with direct implication into ars medica, zoology, etc., as linnaeus proved in 1747.
the social worker's complaint on the ever popular theme "what's wrong with america?" was specifically that america lacked philosophers. when questioned, the definition was , ya know, like 19th century europe and kant and hegel and those guys. when pointed to the fact that at places like princeton and berkely and grand rapids there were those holding themselves out as such, the answer was "they make no sense, and they don't do anything. mill and hegel and hobbes wrote books, and something happened." (the anachronism of leviathon was passed over by this narrator.)
on the often amusing neighboring locale intellectual currency there was recently a discussion about, hehe,
"rights." to that discussion i offered that, uhuh, and?? amusing rationale for continued male chauvinism, but, in the meantime, belly to the ground, the materialist are eating ur lunch on this whole "humans are persons" argument. nice job of getting conned by the little head directing the world view. (well, actuallly, i did my best, simple beast of the field that i am, to be courteous on the stylings, being in another's domain, but, hey look... this ain't there.
to the specific point in question, and to the header, whilst engaged in the praxis of courtship of the Maiden,
which is always either the thing onan didna do but gets blamed for, or taking it to the streets, i was directed to this link
which is an excellent bit of positioning, except of course that ruffly $6 billlion is in play every day based on the discussion not being dead.
because, in reality, the esc and hesc stem cell people are arguing that personhood attaches, like it always has, to the landed, blooded aris, tho these days "land" is defined differently, and that "human" means, "cool like us, cause we all know we are the cool ones."
the esc and hesc communitys argue that the 14th amendment does not attach to the unborn. and they are doing direct commerce in said bodies as ownable chattel entities...
i'll believe that the likes of the southern baptists, acts 29, etcetc are arguing for the soul instead of for their right to control women when i see them in that arena.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

does daisy reallly give a roo's rump?

i recently overheard a conversation about a play.
in this play, a village has been afflicted with a diseaase. as a result, all of the villagers are blind,
except one, a woman.

as a direct result of the blindness there are differning praxes concerning visual beliefs.

sp: a "true belief" (according to the audience) is that one's "private parts" be not displayed.

the villagers, "having knowledge" that no one can see anything, "know" they are acting in accord with "true belief" when they wear no clothes.

thus, their actions are "true."

leaving the center of the village towards some given perimeter for the purpose of losing bodily waste violates the teleogic truth of "don't risk your life for your own gratification." as a result, material waste is deposited in situ, and the visual belief "i see no dangerous mess" is true. the epidemiologic belief "all are at risk" cannot exist without a pre-supposition in which some vaguery like "the germ theory" is forcibly operative. it cannot be operative by the proof that "disease cause blindness." since no one can observe another's death, the proposition "germs cause death" is no more "true" than "germs cause denominations."
the only visual belief available is _causation_ --which cannot be tested, since the results cannot be independently verified.

being a simple beast of the field, i brought a simple beast of the field, a dairy cow named daisy, to a market place. i offered to trade for a mess of pottage, or a handful of magick beans, or (if "hope" were not a 4 letter word) a map for local occurrences of the Body of Christ.
indeed, i traded for a map to the village of gettier case.

the truth statement delivered from the village was
"you have no approved form, and thus praxologically, you are not there."

since even in the idiocy of cartesian dualiam, i am "there", and in that village i am not, and the quest was for the body of Christ, by the reality of the contrapositive, the body of Christ was not found in the so named village, and the map was false, the currency counterfeit.

the venn space endowed by gen 1:2 to john 1:1 leaves no room for a reasons based reality, but 100% enforces a Rule-based one.

both james and freud, from differing routes, demonstrated that visual beliefs are a function of the need to fit resident in the observer and the surround.

where is the body of Christ?
de naturis, in the Kingdom.

and where It is not is the kingdom of the whited sepulchre.

Friday, July 30, 2010

hubris vs hubris--i'm betting on Verses.

in the course of rambling, gambling, doing what i think i should...which evver so often has nothing at alll to do with what other people think, i encounter calculi--little stones, some of which are pretty, some of which stick in my feet, all of which are made of dust.
here's one, with a little polishing--which is a courteous word for grinding..

:"We wouldn’t have science without theology, and we won’t continue to have the benefits of science long without it।"

The abracadabra here is the cojoining of a true statement with a wish list, on the premise that the associational magick will make the wish come true.

There's nothing wrong with this construct. Practitionerss of Vodun and Santeria do it all the time.

:"It’s interesting that in every film in which all of human society collapses, it’s never because society forgot science. It’s always because of we used science to destroy ourselves."

Granted, movies are reality. if it were not so, FaceBook would have told us...There's no reason to interject Pol Pot, Hitler, the genocide of the first nations of North America into the discussion when Hollywood has the answers. One can read John Stoddard on the subject of dogs, or one can know that whenever some "scientist's" ego combines with dollars from the ideologically (that is to say, "world view") pure, then most likely giant ants will invade Chicago, or robots from the future will make life unpleasant for the cool people who just want to be told what to do and have it get them into situations where they can breed.

Yet, strangely enough, :"Humans do not merely appreciate what science has done for them, they also fear what science can do to them. And rightly so. Science can neither guarantee its own progress nor its positive use."
a casual reader might be led to overlook the :"And rightly so" offered, overlooking the critical element that in Hollywood post-Apocalypsism it is the hubris of ideologic assumption---which is the very essence of Theology---that causes doom.

For examples of such, one might note, :"Whether he knows it or not, what Sanderson actually values is the world view and not the science, since science has no inherent value."

Those who caught the ride on the clue bus note that nothing has "inherent value." Value is always assigned.

Those who "understand" that Hollywood is reality also understand statements like, "Salvation is a 144 zillion dollar value, but it's yours free if you act now. (10% of lifetime earnings for shipping and handling will be billed later.) Operators are standing by, confess now."

:"There are still civilizations of millions of people who have existed for thousands of years and they’re still busy worshiping the Sun, thinking that thunder is the anger of a god or gods, and they dance to get it to rain. " Other than the literally fabulous lack of documentation for that claim, the objective observer will note that it does in fact rain, so something is working. he will also note that Job's lesson in Theology was "get over it, you'll get hit by the lightning whenever it pleases Theos"--which is substantively the same as being "scienceless".

:"if his world view of Chaos and Old Night had had its way, science would have never existed. Without Christian theology in which it grew, there’s a fairly good chance he’d view of nature as the ancients did." and yet oddly enough Heraclitus, who has a really good excuse for not accepting Jesus, was accurate enough about the necessity of a scientific world view that the Holy Ghost Chose to quote him in john 1:2...

to do the associative pairing correctly (Newton on logic is recommended to budding exegesists) :"economic strength is dependent upon personal responsibility and trust of one’s neighbor. "--the perfectly true statement understood by the average water buffalo--is associated with "Christian theology"-- a pairing the average water buffalo knows to be false.

Friday, November 6, 2009

मार्क द्रिस्सिल्ल एंड फेअर ऑफ़ डेथ

Three Theists were due to be executed one day -- a Jew, a Samaratin and a Mark Driscoll fan.

The Jew was the first to be brought in front of the firing squad. Just when they were about to fire, he shouted, "Whirlwind" The guards all turned around, and he escaped by jumping over the wall.

Next in line was the Samaritan, now confident that he too will be able to escape. So, just when they were about to fire, he shouted, "Flood!" The guards turned around and he too managed to escape.

Now it was the turn of the Mark Driscoll fan, wondering what Bible image he could scream about(now that whirlwind and flood had been used). Finally, just when the guards were about to shoot, he shouted, "Fire!"

Friday, October 16, 2009

ब्रोठेर पट एंड टेलर..नोट जैक

there cannot be a war over religion.
on the other hand, it's easy to have wars over $$$ and claim that such satanic materialism is the Lord's Will..Whichever Lord that might be.
an example that has come to mind is "brother pat"..he of the theory that Jesus' return is linked to geosynchronous satellite technology making world wide tv possible.
I like the idea, since it makes arthur c clarke the Holy Ghost.
on the other hand:
try this one:
or to narrow it down a little:
and getting a little closet to taylor..not zack, that kentucky boy who made good by slaughtering non-protestants, (unlike george yell, the arkansas boy with the same resume, but fewer connections to the eastern bankers).. either way...jackson lite: all the miltant genocide with 1/2 the political theory...

and aiming towards the dialog that causes this post:

so,, a guy who was like, eating his enemies during the inaugural ball.. and i mean like ....bbq... no metaphor....,8599,1910365,00.html

is a good enuff Christin for brother pat....since it is , evidently, from diamonds and gold that blessings flow, praise them all creatures here below...
hmmmmm... seems like the book of Daniel suggests that is >>>not<<< the Plan...
mene, mene, tekel upharsin.... which evidently translates into virginian as "go on, take the money and run."
ever need a working metre stik for the Divine's patience?? now u got one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

रीडिंग वावेस इन्तो थे सुन्सेट ऑफ़ ओब्स्कुरिटी

somebody trying to place the ghost of newton into the throne rooms of the towers built by those who stood on hs shoulders
by refuting the absolute relativity of observation, the inability to claim to perceive an unmoved mover, for the exaltation of their own foundations, rather than in submission to the Effulgence....
annnnyway.. for anybody tempted by the apple of a newtonian Creation, the following may be useful:

and if u wanted a verrry weird take
that pythagoras et al were hunting on "see thru a glass [mirror] darkly.....
or the >physical< proof that the "materialist" argument for intentionality relies on the non-material, or a way of thinking about the reality that Holy Ghost is observable in action, invisible in appearance,

watch, from the same movie...

something that was once a useful tool for me in dealing with 11-14 yoas when it wasn't like 5 minutes ago...
does mario think he is rescuing the princess?
if you can imagine that--can u ask in what realms of glory wthe soul is actually participating..and all our "intelligence"..yadayayda is more
than an illusion as energy reacts with a medium.

others might note that this elegant demo demos that "materialists" are reaching for the same androsterone induced posture that those who ar afraid of being flaccid reach for. but that would be like flogging a dead's rump...
errr... hmmm what the bleep do we know other than beg for the mercy of standing n the Presnce of the Divine...a mercy granted before our birth...