Wednesday, February 16, 2011

does daisy reallly give a roo's rump?

i recently overheard a conversation about a play.
in this play, a village has been afflicted with a diseaase. as a result, all of the villagers are blind,
except one, a woman.

as a direct result of the blindness there are differning praxes concerning visual beliefs.

sp: a "true belief" (according to the audience) is that one's "private parts" be not displayed.

the villagers, "having knowledge" that no one can see anything, "know" they are acting in accord with "true belief" when they wear no clothes.

thus, their actions are "true."

leaving the center of the village towards some given perimeter for the purpose of losing bodily waste violates the teleogic truth of "don't risk your life for your own gratification." as a result, material waste is deposited in situ, and the visual belief "i see no dangerous mess" is true. the epidemiologic belief "all are at risk" cannot exist without a pre-supposition in which some vaguery like "the germ theory" is forcibly operative. it cannot be operative by the proof that "disease cause blindness." since no one can observe another's death, the proposition "germs cause death" is no more "true" than "germs cause denominations."
the only visual belief available is _causation_ --which cannot be tested, since the results cannot be independently verified.

being a simple beast of the field, i brought a simple beast of the field, a dairy cow named daisy, to a market place. i offered to trade for a mess of pottage, or a handful of magick beans, or (if "hope" were not a 4 letter word) a map for local occurrences of the Body of Christ.
indeed, i traded for a map to the village of gettier case.

the truth statement delivered from the village was
"you have no approved form, and thus praxologically, you are not there."

since even in the idiocy of cartesian dualiam, i am "there", and in that village i am not, and the quest was for the body of Christ, by the reality of the contrapositive, the body of Christ was not found in the so named village, and the map was false, the currency counterfeit.

the venn space endowed by gen 1:2 to john 1:1 leaves no room for a reasons based reality, but 100% enforces a Rule-based one.

both james and freud, from differing routes, demonstrated that visual beliefs are a function of the need to fit resident in the observer and the surround.

where is the body of Christ?
de naturis, in the Kingdom.

and where It is not is the kingdom of the whited sepulchre.