Friday, October 16, 2009

ब्रोठेर पट एंड टेलर..नोट जैक

there cannot be a war over religion.
on the other hand, it's easy to have wars over $$$ and claim that such satanic materialism is the Lord's Will..Whichever Lord that might be.
an example that has come to mind is "brother pat"..he of the theory that Jesus' return is linked to geosynchronous satellite technology making world wide tv possible.
I like the idea, since it makes arthur c clarke the Holy Ghost.
on the other hand:
try this one:
or to narrow it down a little:
and getting a little closet to taylor..not zack, that kentucky boy who made good by slaughtering non-protestants, (unlike george yell, the arkansas boy with the same resume, but fewer connections to the eastern bankers).. either way...jackson lite: all the miltant genocide with 1/2 the political theory...

and aiming towards the dialog that causes this post:

so,, a guy who was like, eating his enemies during the inaugural ball.. and i mean like ....bbq... no metaphor....,8599,1910365,00.html

is a good enuff Christin for brother pat....since it is , evidently, from diamonds and gold that blessings flow, praise them all creatures here below...
hmmmmm... seems like the book of Daniel suggests that is >>>not<<< the Plan...
mene, mene, tekel upharsin.... which evidently translates into virginian as "go on, take the money and run."
ever need a working metre stik for the Divine's patience?? now u got one.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

रीडिंग वावेस इन्तो थे सुन्सेट ऑफ़ ओब्स्कुरिटी

somebody trying to place the ghost of newton into the throne rooms of the towers built by those who stood on hs shoulders
by refuting the absolute relativity of observation, the inability to claim to perceive an unmoved mover, for the exaltation of their own foundations, rather than in submission to the Effulgence....
annnnyway.. for anybody tempted by the apple of a newtonian Creation, the following may be useful:

and if u wanted a verrry weird take
that pythagoras et al were hunting on "see thru a glass [mirror] darkly.....
or the >physical< proof that the "materialist" argument for intentionality relies on the non-material, or a way of thinking about the reality that Holy Ghost is observable in action, invisible in appearance,

watch, from the same movie...

something that was once a useful tool for me in dealing with 11-14 yoas when it wasn't like 5 minutes ago...
does mario think he is rescuing the princess?
if you can imagine that--can u ask in what realms of glory wthe soul is actually participating..and all our "intelligence"..yadayayda is more
than an illusion as energy reacts with a medium.

others might note that this elegant demo demos that "materialists" are reaching for the same androsterone induced posture that those who ar afraid of being flaccid reach for. but that would be like flogging a dead's rump...
errr... hmmm what the bleep do we know other than beg for the mercy of standing n the Presnce of the Divine...a mercy granted before our birth...