Tuesday, June 30, 2009

ओने reality

on another blog i read the phrase"But it also requires that people strive for agreement on the basis that there is one reality that all are to investigate using their own intelligence."
i offered: "so, other than the Logos,Who is It, who can perceive a "one reality"?
and if imperceptible, is this not functionally the same as "not so much"?"
and for random passing Christians, atheists, adeists, agents of the magisterium or boyce guys....:-) ...i offer a return to the premise of setting the 4 pillars for a foundational theology.
if the is One Divine (whether lubing into the plane as 3'n'one Oil, or Effulging as the Cup, the Pouring & the Water.. or just being....One... "Tawhid" (Arabic for, loosely, if u think u are and something else is.. get over it, there' only It), then what is the One Reality? it would likely be Known in the Mind of the One (Theos) doable by what ever of th whatever (Deus) nothing in the brain cells of the god who, not being there, has no brain, and none of the above scenarios encompass any capability of human understanding.
for the Theist, of whatever colour, a logical solution to this problem is to pistualate that the Theos is aware of this problem, and simultaneously solves it by Logos being Logos, and the Voice Speaking.
Those who seek Christ in their lives will be looking for the clarity, the Essential Clarity of that Voice.
others will be looking for ever increasingly boggleful ways for driscoll, behe et all to show that Mind as chaotic and hateful, the better to impale believers on any of the 4 pillars they set.
i would offer that the true beginning of the independent investigation of reality is to notice that none of us are it....while yet being that part we are....thereby noticing that someone else's answers might very well work....for them.