Sunday, April 17, 2011

does any of this sound familiar??
"1. you shall not do [it], but worship the [Lord].
2' Judge the sla[ve] and the wid[ow] / Judge the orph[an]
3' [and] the stranger. [Pl]ead for the infant / plead for the po[or and]
4' the widow. Rehabilitate [the poor] at the hands of the king.
5' Protect the po[or and] the slave / [supp]ort the stranger..."

hmmm... according to Professor Gershon Galil of the Department of Biblical Studies at the University of Haifa it's an an inscription on a pottery shard discovered in the Elah valley dating from the 10th century BCE (the period of King David's reign), and is, by the speciation of verbs, a Hebrew inscription. The discovery makes this the earliest known Hebrew writing.

in other words, by the time of David, it was already patently clear that the Divine's levitical chewing out of tea partiers and such was already established over a broad area.

to my simple beast of the field eye, the sherd looks a lot like part of an hand axe, the beginnings of the perception of the Subtle Knife that has been the #1 tool of human techno advancement when measured over a say, 100, or 300k year period.
because? what is justice?? giving each its portion.

in my continuing search for the body of Christ, this will make a handy additional tool.

btw, thus far the only reason i can come up with for the lack of outrage..talked about in the last post, was that the guy selling babies was a guy, and well. ya..know...
it's not like some woman making a decision.

and that too will be a marker point for mapping the body of Christ.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

where's the outrage...????

a few weeks ago, in a neiborhood close to here, somebody was asking why people had the limbic response to a serial killer/dope dealer that somebody wanted them to have.
in a co0ntinuing series of mappings of the body of Christ, i'm going to be waiting to see
signs of outrage about this story:
and be asking "Christian" philosophers what they would do to change the odds on such events happening...

Friday, April 8, 2011

love is a deed "because" Sophie's Choice is to Bring a Knife.

a day or 2 ago, south of the missouri, west of the mississippi, in a place where tectonic stability is a matter of functional discussion, and not a theoretic, because >>choices<< are being made, $$$ moving, carbon and hydrogen dancing by proxy, i had a meeting w/ a social worker. what is a "social worker"??
for purposes involving another site, and this, a social worker is someone who interfaces between human beings and those rights that sociologists and politicians assign to persons.
it needs noted again that "person" is a legal term," human being" a philosophical one, with direct implication into ars medica, zoology, etc., as linnaeus proved in 1747.
the social worker's complaint on the ever popular theme "what's wrong with america?" was specifically that america lacked philosophers. when questioned, the definition was , ya know, like 19th century europe and kant and hegel and those guys. when pointed to the fact that at places like princeton and berkely and grand rapids there were those holding themselves out as such, the answer was "they make no sense, and they don't do anything. mill and hegel and hobbes wrote books, and something happened." (the anachronism of leviathon was passed over by this narrator.)
on the often amusing neighboring locale intellectual currency there was recently a discussion about, hehe,
"rights." to that discussion i offered that, uhuh, and?? amusing rationale for continued male chauvinism, but, in the meantime, belly to the ground, the materialist are eating ur lunch on this whole "humans are persons" argument. nice job of getting conned by the little head directing the world view. (well, actuallly, i did my best, simple beast of the field that i am, to be courteous on the stylings, being in another's domain, but, hey look... this ain't there.
to the specific point in question, and to the header, whilst engaged in the praxis of courtship of the Maiden,
which is always either the thing onan didna do but gets blamed for, or taking it to the streets, i was directed to this link
which is an excellent bit of positioning, except of course that ruffly $6 billlion is in play every day based on the discussion not being dead.
because, in reality, the esc and hesc stem cell people are arguing that personhood attaches, like it always has, to the landed, blooded aris, tho these days "land" is defined differently, and that "human" means, "cool like us, cause we all know we are the cool ones."
the esc and hesc communitys argue that the 14th amendment does not attach to the unborn. and they are doing direct commerce in said bodies as ownable chattel entities...
i'll believe that the likes of the southern baptists, acts 29, etcetc are arguing for the soul instead of for their right to control women when i see them in that arena.