Saturday, May 21, 2011

the Hand of the Body of Christ

In another exercise of hunting the Body of Christ yet another rule of hunting emerged:
in the midst of a conversation about authenticity and the signifiers of dates and times, this weekend when so many will be disappointed, and so many rejoice,
3 men discussed a stranger. They of course claimed to know the stranger. i did not, do not, and from what was offered as signifiers of her, could never.
There was no conflict at 4 corners of table that True goals involve something like increasing the number of voices singing their joy at being brought to the Table of the Lord.
(Opinions might vary as to the shape the Table, the Table cloth, and the Feast--but, is there any Tale but the Lord's Table??)
The 3 thought it highly appropriate to speak about the stanger not in their midst--and how to further implicate that stranger into their understanding of the nature of the Table--never mind that the Table Self-Declares, is by Its Essence beyond the limitations of understanding of the rotting meat. Assured of "something" they could insist that their understanding of the Table is the Table.
It being mentioned that "community" involves a sharing of walls and therein the safety to engage, initiate, explore--be a human soul--the 4 points collapsed to 2... +/-.
Us, and "other."
"We are trying to have a private conversation."
to which my answer, simple beast of the field, was "if there is One God, there is only One conversation."
So.. to the shape of the Body of Christ, some data about the hand: flat for slapping away, not so rounded for cupping and greeting.
'Cause some believers are more equal than others..
And the Bible has many Verses and some of them are shorter than others....