Tuesday, July 7, 2009

.g.k. chesterton oce wrote an essay called "why i am a roman catholic" i;ve often wonderd if one could be a "stationary catholic" ..bu that would b a different topic. right ow, i've bee thinking about the punk poser macho fanboyism inspired by mark driscoll.

so, here's a rewrite of somthing i might call, "why i'm not an evangelical".

let's see if i can clairify just a little how it is i hold the thought that mark driscoll is not providing value to the Christian community.
let's start with the idea that no human at alll could ever do such a thing. if it were possible, then what would be the point of Jesus??
i mean, if mark driscoll and other manly men could walk around being msculine nd not flaccid, could brng about the City of God, Jesus, being Smart enuff to like heal lepers and all, coulda been outa town that passover, and just mailed in the money for the ticket on that charge of being King of the Jews, skipped the court appearance, and...yeah.
maybe only Christ Adds value.
my reading of Text makes it impossible for "machom macho man" followers of mark driscoll to be correct about the Son of God being sarcastic, and gamey. "gamey" is how manly masculine uneffeminate men smell after a good workout with outher manly men.
my reading of the Covenant of God makes it impossible for so-called evangelicals who want to spend their time decididing who's on first about what is a heresy these days to be Authorised to "explain it to me." unless of course they have the balls to admit that 2 counts of heresy gets you a trip to the fire, and thy get a funny feeling in their tummiues thinking about joan of arc.
that would require my submitting to a claim by people that their connection with the Holy Spirit is inherently closer than mine.
people can share the interpretation thry have gleaned from Text. indeed, it's a primary obligation of Chrisitians, to bear witness... share with others, and show how thy see their view conform to a view that includes the Totality of Scripture, not the picking of flowers along the path, a Verse here, a Verse there, to make a bouquet of "repent for the kingdom is at hand" to court the favour of those who would undo the work of salvation.
what work? the sanitising of sin by the intaking of the Word of God.
that's what evangelicals can do.
i recently saw an evangelical use these words as a defense of the poverty expressed by mark driscoll in his counselling and preaching.
:"in a time when the world does not define their words well, twisting them to make them mean whatever, it is even more important that we clarify what we mean."

and this same evangelical then tries to play the story of the woman at the well, Jacbo's well, a well founded by a man who wrestled with an angel all the night long..
since we know mark driscoll woulda kicked the angel's butt i 8 minutes, it must not be a very good well.

:"that she changes the subject… she starts into the argument about where people are supposed to worship. "
yeah. immediately after He tells her of her life, she declares Him a Prophet.
she then proceeds to spiritual matters.
th evangelical notes, speaking of Jessus--the Jesus Whose Name gets capitaised, even in the pronoun, in english and american... ya know, like the Divinity does...and mark driscoll does not.
:"he allowed people’s consciences to condemn themselves."
that's what Jesus does. what does driscoll do?
that is the issue. tht is allllways the issue in the evangel. what would Jesus do? and the answer is nevvvver, well, if H was a macho man like me, He'd chew on some sinner butt and generically let people know how cool He was.
Jesus, fully Aware of this woman's past, approaches her. He does not reproach her.
what does driscoll do, by his own continued admission in "death by love"?
in death by love, driscoll recounts event after event (cause, well, actually he;s writing soft core Christian s&m porn..and making lots of moeny from it. good for him. dollars are good. Christ is Better)
heres a typical evangelical trick , an atempt at dupcoloty:
:"Let’s honestly think this through"

amusing. the evangelical holds forth as the judge of honesty. how special. if you don;t agree with him, thn u are under the influence of dishonesty, lis. and who is the prince of lies? ahhh. those who disagree with the kind of...wimpish tantrum yoga pouting and "if i close my eyes you re not there" of "conservative" evangelicalism are....satanic?
so this driscoll fan asks me of the woman at the well,

:"how could she EASILY lie?"
very easily. some random Jew is at the well of jacob, acting wrongly by being willing to touch her vessel, and talking about never thirsting again.
it's not like He's saying, o you slut, stay away from My Water until you repent and have somebody approved by me bring fresh water vessels to drink from.
No. He's Jesus...not driscoll.
:"Jesus is setting up the conversation to prick her conscience"

no..that would be what driscoll would be thinking about. Jeus would be thinking about saving it.
actually, what is the basis so many of these guys have for claiming to read the Mind of Christ??
their reasoning ends yup with them saying things like
:"He’s not genuinely congratulating her"

Jesus isn't Genuine?
until i can see that Jesus isn't genuine in All Ways, at All Times, i cannot understand what He Said the way someone who likes driscoll does?
since, ok, that's a true statement, let us continue.
:";”People who are offended at his imperfect holiness may be in a zone that the rest of us should avoid anyway”
i’m not offended by his imperfections. when Jesus looked at the woman at the well, He saw an imperfect holiness. i can read how He responded to it.
and it wasn’t like mark driscoll says he responds to people who seek his counsel. at all.
the offense, therefore is in driscoll calling how he counsels “Christian.”
the offense, as noted in my deleted post, is in taking the angst of american males and twisting it such that machismo and virtue are synonymous.
the offense is in any class of "true beleivers" setting themselves as authority above the Holy Inspiration of the apostolic or nicean creeds and declaring those unlike themselves to be heretics.
the offense is claiming power to decide the form and colour of the offerings to be brought to the Lord.
some guys used to do that. Jesus took a whip to them.

according to Jesus,God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

notice how He doesn;t SAy " in their testosterone induced angst at not being good enuff, or their bullyin poses of righteousness."
no. He does't say that at all.
not once.
byt then Jesus reportedly told nathniel,
Verily, verily, I say unto you, Hereafter ye shall see heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending upon the Son of man.
...not the upright masculinity of mark driscoll.

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