Saturday, July 4, 2009

मार्क द्रिस्कोल्ल इसं;टी flaccid

(subtitled: Christ Rising is not a viagra ad)
for those who do not speak hindi,
that title is "mark driscoll is not flaccid".
for those who do speak hindi "flaccid" is the state of an un-erect penis.
lately there has been some random discussion elsewhere about a book called "death by love" in which some guy praches the idea that the Jesus who forgives is flaccid... but the real Jesus, the One Who Kicks pharisee butt and takes names , is all about not being impotent.
being the simple beast of the field that i am, i joined the discussion, since, well,
i had always thought that Jesus got His Power from being the Word Made Flesh, not being, yaknow, a manly man. silly me.
driscoll states, "new Christian, you possessed the raw masculine integrity that so many docile, neutered church guys" etc...
evidendly the Christians who fried witches, martyred joan of arc, wre led by constantine into battle, those were the real Christians, and augustine, aquinas, francis of assisi, and the guys who recall that since they are not the Mark, they have missed it need of some mark driscoll's manhood potion...that u rub vigourously on ur righteousness and then proceed to have fantasies about Jesus torturing sinners.
anybody recall what is the shortest Verse in the New Testament???


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