Friday, July 10, 2009

बेबी पोस अस मन्हूद

so, after an amusing visit to those who think that mark driscoll the guy who put together storis of bashing the morals of his parishioners and calling it death by love, and seeing their "manhood" examples, i am left with about the same opinion i had before the visit.
people who think their penises matter are very afraid of losing them.
anybody ever have the experience of watching little boys playing at being men, and when somebody tells them to back it up...they fold??
:"Quit misrepresenting us."
uhuh... so some fans of mark driscoll evidently think the Holy Ghost has empowered them to decide who is or is not a heretic. let's see, who else seems to think they have such power? nicea? the pope? so, mentioning to people that when they are calling other people herretics or non-heretics they are making such a pretense?
probably not. this is the kind of behaviour that boys who have been told to act like men and go beat up somebody, or go push around some woman generally call manly and righteous, until somebody asks them to back it up....then they go silent, muttering about whatever..usually, "ah, u don't get it.." or some other random variant of the theme that little boys playing king of the hill are the meaning of life.
a while back there were a bunch of such in jerusalem.
Jesus took a whip to them.
may driscoll get the Jesus he asks for.

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